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Our famous house punches are worth tasting, and even make you want for more. The freshest and juiciest ingredients mixed well with premium spirits and Italian sparkling wine and served in a special Circus Cabaret punchbowl that can serves twenty drinks approximate.

Drinks Packages

Our drinks packages are good for ten or more guests who book the large entertainment recliner. You can grab them in the bar or have them served on your lounge or table. A selection of soft drinks of your choice and a juice is included in a serving of all our spirit bottles.


We have created a special, in-house cocktail menu that should be complementary to our Pan-Asian treats and delicacies. This is the best drink if you’re bringing in some friends for a night of cabaret. You can also ask our amazing team if you desire your classic cocktail.

Bottle Service

This should spice up any celebration with a selection of your preferred juices or soft drinks, and served with fountain sparklers right on your table.

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