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Outdoor Seating in Restaurants

12 Ideas for Outdoor Seating in Restaurants

Aside from the food and aesthetic views and vibes, another factor that entices customers to enter a restaurant is the seating arrangement. According to the best Madison WI Landscaping Design company, outdoor dining has been more popular than ever and it has certainly been a famous additional feature for most restaurants. Here are a few landscaping ideas for your restaurant’s outdoor seats.

  • Go Green

Potted plants make a great difference in the vibe of the restaurant and it undoubtedly fits any restaurant theme. Big potted plants can be used as a boundary line to provide your customers with privacy or block those unnecessary views like traffic flow or long waiting lines.

  • Vines and Baskets

You can also make use of hanging plants or climbing vines by the balcony to create a great view of the outdoor seating. Just remember to choose plants that will not cater to bees.

  • Waiting Areas

On days where your restaurant is fully packed, the long line in waiting areas seems never-ending. On days like those, you should let your customers feel less bummed by decorating your waiting areas well. You can also provide seats outside as they wait for a table to be cleared out.

  • Lightning

On mornings, some lightning would not matter especially when the restaurant receives enough sunlight. However, it is a whole different story when evening comes. Bistro string lights or even fairy lights can add a special feeling while lamps or lanterns provide an intimate feeling for the customers.

  • Theme

Match your outdoor eating space to the theme of your restaurant. Although some dining areas express a versatile style by mixing different themes, it would still be nicer when the themes compliment well.

  • Hit the Top

Do you need more outdoor dining space but do not know where to place it since the sidewalk is already packed? Why not try the roof? Rooftop dining areas had been gaining quite a lot of attention recently and you can try this to create more outdoor space for your restaurant.

  • Patios

You can also decorate or customized a patio to complete the outdoor dining experience that most customers want. One way to do this is by using concrete or classic brick style.

  • Heaters

You will also need to make sure that your customers will not feel chilly during the winter seasons. For this, you can put up extra heaters outside when there are customers.

  • Extra Shades

The main purpose of putting up plants in your outdoor dining area is to create a shade. However, this does not mean you can not add an extra shade. Provide your customer with an extra shade against the midday sun.

  • Fireplaces

You could also try to add fireplaces or fire pits to your outdoor dining area for extra warmth and heat.

  • Fragrance

Here’s another tip for your outdoor seating. Try planting fragrant and therapeutic herbs and add them to your dining space.

  • Entertainment

You can try adding up a little bit of entertainment to your outdoor dining area. You can put a big screen TV or you can initiate a busking session or hire a live band on weekends.


Landscaping an outdoor dining space does not have to be awfully hard as most people expect it to be. Add up captivating therapeutic plants, lightning, and comfortable seats with aesthetic looking themes and you will have the perfect outdoor dining space you never thought you’d need.

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