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How to Maintain a Vegan Diet While Traveling Around the World?

Some people are lucky because they can eat any diet while others don’t because of food allergies. Therefore, when traveling, you need to be careful with what you eat in the foreign land. You can check the Cruelty Free Reviews to help yourself to decide the same.

Travelers with dietary restrictions and food allergies find it difficult to adapt to new food offered in foreign countries. For instance, a vegan may travel to a country whose people value animal products over vegetables.

If you are a vegan, you need to learn how to maintain a vegan diet while traveling. Here are the tips for eating vegan while travelling.

What it means to be a vegan traveler

It is easy for vegans to travel around the world, but it all depends on the preparedness and the destination. For instance, most people in Western Europe and Northern America understand what it means to be a vegetarian or a vegan. Therefore, your life will be easy if you travel to these countries.

However, there are countries where vegans are uncommon, and therefore, not fully understood. Additionally, you may experience a language barrier because such countries have different cultural food norms. Therefore, your trip to such countries as a vegan will be full of challenges.

How to plan your travel as a vegan?

As a vegan, you need several tools and resources when preparing for your trip. It would be best if you searched for vegan restaurants in the country you are heading to. This online search can be done using tools such as Happy Cow and Couchsurfing.

Additionally, you can get all the information about vegan restaurants abroad from blog sites such as Lessons Learned Abroad, Vegan Food Quest, Burger Abroad, and Justin Plus Lauren. These vegan travel blogs have all the information you need to plan for your trip.

Dietary mishaps

You can experience dietary mishaps during your trips abroad. However, you only need to adapt because it is normal for things to go off the rails.

The locals can invite you for a meal and serve you with something you hate. However, it would be rude to flat-out refuse what is served. Therefore, you can cleverly taste a few pieces and get over it.

What to do in case you encounter a language barrier

You may find yourself in a country whose people speak a different language from yours. In such a case, they may not understand your dietary needs as a vegan.

Therefore, you can use Google translator to translate their language. You can also take pictures of the menus and translate them on Google translator.

Another option is writing down your diet preferences and show it to the servers in the restaurant. You can write phrases such as “I do not take meat.” This will be easy for them to understand as opposed to telling them that you are a vegan.

Final Thoughts

You can maintain a vegan diet while traveling abroad. However, it is not easy because the term is not common in all countries. However, the above vegan diet tips will help you when traveling around the world.

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