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Meat Grinders

Safety Tips for Using Meat Grinders

Globally, restaurants focus on producing and serving meat to food lovers always read review for their satisfaction and best experience. The demand for meat consumption increases rapidly every year. As a restauranteur, you might aspire for quality meat on your dish. It makes sense then, once you consider grinding or processing your meat. Without further due, I’m going to walk you through on the benefits of meat grinding as well as on how to stay safe.

Benefits of grinding your own meat.

Grinding your own meat will undeniably taste great.

Freshly ground meat tastes fantastic because it never loses its flavor being sat and displayed on a display counter. It is 100% guaranteed that the meat is safe and clean too.

Grinding your meat allows you to customize.

Having your own meat grinder gives you the benefit of choosing the fat contents of your protein. It also allows you to combine and blend fat and muscle for a lovely dish.

Freshly ground beef is safe.

Food, when exposed to air in a longer period of time, becomes prone to bacterial contamination. Grinding your own beef increases the safety of your consumers.

Types of Meat Grinder

Manual Meat Grinders

This type is intended for smaller quantities of meat. It is designed to be clamped at the edge of the table or counter. This hand-cranked grinder has the capacity to grind 2-3 pounds per minute. The meat to be ground is being hand-fed to a funnel created on top of the grinder as it goes down to the sharp cutting plates.

Electric Meat Grinders

This type is complex by model and design. It is furnished with 3 or 2 sharp cutting plates. It may have a meat pushing tool as well as sausage extrusion pipes if various types of exteriors. Usually, this type of meat grinder has operational functions to reverse the motor if the meat jams in the grinder itself. This produces higher volumes of ground meat with minimal effort.

Quick Safety Tips for Meat Grinding

Always maintain cleanliness when meat grinding.

Clean the meat grinder, the bowl, or container the ground meat falls into and the work surface. It is to avoid obvious reasons like food contamination. Always wash the grinder before and after using or even if it is new.

Keep the meat chilled.

Doing so makes the slicing of meat easier.

Make sure parts of the grinder are intact and in place.

Before pressing the start button, always double-check the thumbscrew is tightened as it was supposed to be. Tightening the grinding head alongside its grinding plate also ensures safety.

Freeze the grinding attachments for the integrity of the grinder.

For no less than 30 minutes, freeze the grinder attachments (a blade, plate, and so on) for a better grind.

Never use your finger to feed.

As tempting as it is and as confident as it feels, never ever use those hands in feeding the meat into the grinder. Always use the meat stomper or pusher. So, make sure it is accessible during the time of use. Doing so avoids serious injuries.

Understand your grinder’s capacity.

Be aware of the volume meat the grinder can accommodate. Choose for grinders designed for bones at the same time muscles if you wish to. Not doing so damages the grinder, which costs you for repairs or replacements. Grinding twice will also be a great idea. Run the meat chunks into a larger portion before tossing them into your desired sizes.

Clean the equipment thoroughly.

Once you are finished grinding, feed a few pieces of bread into the grinder to help remove grease off of the blades. A grinder, after use, must be cooled down before being washed. Be well-informed on how to disabled each part and use protective hand gears in handling the sharp parts to avoid injuries. Wash the blades and plates etc. with soap carefully and do the best you can with a towel.

Keep the grinder dry before storing keeping it away. 

This maintains the cleanliness of the grinder and keeps it away from iron rusts.

Here’s a tip: Once you know the dish that the meat is intended for, add the seasonings and spices already before grinding. This helps the meat absorb the flavors more for a quality dish.

Just like all machines, meat grinders make your life easier and secure. Although tempting, you should follow the safety tips above when meat grinding since we are dealing with a complex sharp object.

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