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How to start and run a profitable bouncy castle hire business

Bouncy Castle hires business is an exciting business to invest in both as a part-time and as fulltime job. According to the Fidget’s Guide, The profits gained from this business are also very high.   Children are always having occasions in different seasons of the year, while parents can also hire a bouncy castle for the back garden. To run a bouncy castle business, don’t need to quit your full-time job while you also don’t need large capital investment.

Step 1

When starting a bouncy castle hire business, the first thing you ought to do is to look through various local newspapers.  Check whether someone is advertising the bouncy castle business.  If you don’t find one, don’t be discouraged.  In many cities, the demand for bouncing castles usually exceeds the supply associated with them. Also, look through the copy of the yellow pages directory or Thompsons directory. You will have an idea of the competition to expect in your area.  However, you need not get worried about any competition in your area; there is a lot of demand for bouncing castles business as compared to the supply.

Equipment needed

The following are some important equipment needed for bouncing castle hire business

  • Bouncy Castle, anchor stakes, electric blower, rain-cover
  • Groundsheets
  • Safety mat
  • Local street map
  • RCD circuit breaker

Electric extension cable

The most recommended bouncy castle is usually 12 feet by 12. This is usually the most popular and can be easily handled and stored as well. When inflated, it can fit in most community halls and back gardens.

 Where to get customers

Children are born every day; thus, customers are always available.  Many parents like using local community halls and gardens to hold parties.  There are various other places where one can hire a bouncy such as charity events, weddings, tennis clubs, and promotions.

How to get bookings

Inform everyone who has children that you have a bouncy castle that can be hired.  If they are willing to tell their relatives and friends about the bouncing castle, offer to give them a discount. You should also place an advert at a local newspaper or the local yellow pages directory. The advert will assist in attracting enquires, and it will also assist you in getting booking automatically

Promotional Items

You should always offer discounts to your first bouncing castle bookings.  This way, you will attract many customers, thus promoting your business name. You can also choose to be giving A5 size leaflets during events.  You also need to start printing business cards and offer the best services until customers are satisfied.


When dealing with children, you need to always think about safety. You should always have some printouts of safety instructions to give to customers. Safety instructions can be found on different websites.

Basic book-keeping

Always ensure that you keep track of the money received. Also, account for all the expenses you have incurred in terms of fuel, telephone calls, advertising, and printing.


Once your business is established, you are likely to have some return customers and the demand for your bouncer will continue increasing

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