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7 Mistakes You Might Be Making On Air Fryer & How To Fix Them

Air Fryers have the same concept as the hairdryer or hot blower. They provide heat to the surrounding air and aims towards the object to be heated by circulating the heated air. In this article we will discuss Is Getting An Air Fryer Worth It in 2020 and beyond.

It utilizes no flammable gases or burning coal, so it may be viewed as ‘environmental-friendly’. However, cooking your usual food using it might need some practice for you may be casually doing the following mistakes.

  •       Mistake #1: Air fryer is not preheated.

You may rely on the product’s quality to save your time but in the basics of cooking, preheating can help in the cooking transition. Without preheating, you may get undercooked results since heat doesn’t instantly build up.

Fix Preheat the air fryer for about 10 minutes before using it for cooking. Much better, prefer following the suggestions on the product’s manual.

  •       Mistake #2: The air fryer was not given enough space.

Since the method of heat transfer for air, fryers is through air circulation, having the product operated on corners and crowded spaces can limit that possibility since there may be not enough amount of air to circulate with.

Fix Set-up the fryer at least five inches away from any obstacles, for all of its sides. You don’t have to be scientifically accurate. Just a good measuring gauge through observation might be enough on the subsequent set-ups.

  •       Mistake #3: The air fryer basket is overcrowded.

Most air fryers can accommodate meals for two or three servings. There might be some spaces in between where you will be tempted to place more and have the basket congested. This can lead to uneven cooking due to the lack of space for the hot air to pass through.

Fix:      To optimize the heating method, divide the meals to be cooked into batches. In that way, you can get an evenly cooked meal at a faster period.

  •       Mistake #4 Using the excessive or very little amount of oil.

Although the air circulation is responsible for heating, the oil serves as the main heat exchanger. Oil is responsible for spreading the absorbed heat and transfer to every side the ingredient that is dipped in with. Too many oils can need more time to transfer that energy to the ingredient while too little oil can be insufficient.

Fix:      For most recipes, use around half a teaspoon of oil. Frozen foods need smaller amounts. Vegetables and bigger protein sources needed the recommended amount per cooking batch.

  •       Mistake #5: Vegetables are cut too small.

The air fryer’s basket has holes for air to pass through but if finely cut vegetables are placed, they may fall onto the holes and quickly burned out.

Fix:      Cut vegetables to at least a quarter of an inch wide. To be accurate, gauge the hole measurement of the air fryer’s basket and base the size of your cuts from there.

  •       Mistake #6: Wet batters are used.

Foods coated with moist batters might not get the results needed since they need more oil than most recipes.

Fix:      Substitute them for recipes that use a thick coating. A more practical suggestion is to use the ‘3-Step Breading Procedure’, which is dousing into the flour, then in the egg dip and finally, the crisp coating.

  •       Mistake #7: Air fryer is not washed often.

Debris from before and after the cooking procedure can accumulate on the certain portions of the air fryer.

Fix:      For quick uses, wiping after cooling down in every use is enough. For longer frying durations, you have to wash the basket fully with hot and soapy water.


Air fryers can be convenient to use. Mistakes commonly made might not destroy the machine’s performance or affect its longevity, but certainly, it will affect directly the food you are cooking and taking into your mouth. You only need to follow the fixes and you’ll be set.

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