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Granite Countertops

How To Choose The Best Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most in-demand building materials to date for several good reasons. According to, It looks posh and can last solid years of kitchen use. Additionally, granite countertops come in various styles and colors, which makes it extremely easy to integrate into most kitchen spaces.

If you are looking for the best granite countertops to invest in but have no idea where to kick off, this article breaks down everything you need to know.

  1. Do your research.

If you are not familiar with granite for building countertops or the different types of countertop materials, you may get confused with quartz, marble, and granite. In case you are unaware of the differences between the three, here are some essential pieces of information below:

  • Granite is chip, scratch, and heat-resistant. A lot of home builders opt for this material due to its durability.
  • Marble is generally porous. Builders use it mainly because of its aesthetic charm.
  • Quartz is also chip and scratch-resistant, but unlike granite, it is not as heat-resistant.
  1. Choose a granite that complements your kitchen cabinets.

When shopping for granite countertops, you should consider your kitchen’s color scheme first. You can either choose a granite countertop that matches the color of your kitchen cabinets or pick one with the best complementing veining and marbling pattern.

  1. Choose the right thickness.

Granite countertops with 3/4-inch thickness are widely available and are more affordable than the 1-inch thick granite countertops. However, they usually require support and laminate edges because they are not as sturdy. On the other hand, although you will have to pay more for a 1-inch thick granite countertop, it is more resilient, which makes it a better value for money.

  1. Opt for seamless countertops. 

Seamless countertops may be a lot more expensive, but they look more pleasing than those countertops that use seams. The seam will eventually look worse over the years. Although granite countertops use seam that may look fine after installation, you will want to replace it after five to ten years.

  1. Slab or tile granite?

The final thing you will have to decide upon is whether you’d opt for a slab or a tile granite countertop. Tile granite is more budget-friendly, and it offers the durability and sophisticated appeal of granite. However, there will be a few noticeable grout lines. As for slab granite countertops, these are pricier in terms of the material’s cost and installation labor. Slab granites have very little to no grout lines.

Tips on How to Take Care of Granite Countertops

  • Make sure not to put hot cooking vessels directly on the countertop. Use hot pads or trivets.
  • Do not use ammonia-based products, chlorine, bleach, vinegar, lemon, or any acidic solutions when cleaning the countertop. Only use granite-safe cleaners.
  • Do not use dishwashing soap when cleaning the countertop as it can leave a film on its surface.
  • Food and drink spillages should be cleaned immediately.
  • Wipe your granite countertops with a granite sealer once a year.


Although granite countertops tend to be more expensive, the durability and exceptional look it offers is definitely worth its price. Now that you know the essential factors you need to consider when shopping for granite countertops, you should be able to pick the best one to purchase in no time.

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