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From the Recliners to the Walls: How Far Should They Be?

When living in a smaller space, you‘ve got to make sure that each piece of furniture serves a great purpose or is multifunctional, for all-time use. According to, a recliner chair must surely come to mind, as it is a very versatile, and highly comfortable, piece of furnishing. And when coming to finding a spot for your recliner chair within your limited space, the question often asked is: how far does a recliner chair need to be from the wall?

So, depending on the type of recliner that you’ve got in hand, you’ve got to find the perfect one for you, one that fits right into your maximized living area.

Winning with Wall Huggers

The thing with wall hugger recliner chairs is that these actually have a straighter upright direction, and so these can be positioned right against the wall, saving the room a whole lot of space. While having a chair directly against the wall does save space, your movement and your chair’s movement will be limited.

Talking Traditional

The traditional recliner is famous for its two achievable positions, which are the laying-back position and the resting position, meaning for the upright sitting up. and while there are numerous physical variations for these recliner chairs, people ought to look more at its reclining position angle. Companies often make chairs that can recline at an angle of about 45 degrees when laid back, while some even go beyond with a horizontally-reclined position.

And so, depending on the recliner’s laid-back angle, the chair must be a bit far away from the wall.

Preferably the Power Recliner

In this current technological age, the power recliner chair caters to the market’s demand for a more versatile piece of furnishing. And although the power recliners are sold pricier and even pricier to fix, than traditional recliner chairs, these chairs recline slower rather than the usual quick-recline of the lever-release in traditional recliners. These chairs also actually satisfy a wider range of preferences, like your preferred angle of back reclining, as well as the angle of reclining your footrest. Additionally, power recliner is much easier to use and control.

So, you can position your power recliner depending on your most preferred or often-used reclining position.

The God-sent Glider Recliner

If you’re looking for an ample amount of motion in a chair, then you’d probably like the glider recliner. This recliner can move in numerous directions, a reclining backrest is and, of course, the ability to glide. It is also perfect for napping on an afternoon or at any time because of its pillowy softness. The chair can be situated near the wall or a window, for some fresh air when resting.

Rolling with Rocker Recliners

Made to be a reclining, more comfortable, and vamped up version of the classic wooden rocking chair, this rocker recliner chair a great furnishing of comfort in recent history. There’s nothing more relaxing than smoothly rocking back and forth, with a reclined backrest, and oftentimes even with an available footrest, just like traditional recliners. And because this soothing chair has a typically wider movement range, this should be placed a little farther from the wall or any other furniture, or maybe nearer to a corner of the room.

Spinning on a Swivel Recliner

With the swivel recliner chair, it’s probably the most fun out of all kinds of recliners, which is mainly due to the fact that the chair’s circular base gives it the ability to turn a full 360 degrees and back. These recliners are often equipped with a lever-release footrest, typically with a moderate resting position, and are usually quite large in size, so that the chair doesn’t easily fall over due to imbalance. On the other hand, some swivel chairs can recline almost horizontally and can turn limitlessly. Because of their wide motion range, these swivel recliners are preferably placed far from walls, so as to avoid collisions.

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