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Five Factors to Consider before you Buy a Juicer

Before you buy the best juicer under $100, there are several factors you need to consider. Without correct information, you could buy a juicer that you will never use. There is a chance that you might also buy a juicer that will be excellent in only one task. To avoid such cases, you should be well informed on the basic factors to look at when buying your juicer.

Decide on your budget

The prices range for juicers is wide some are cheap while others are relatively expensive. Basic models are as low as $ 4000, while some premium juicers go up to $1650. The difference is due to the varying capabilities, as well as the target customers. Despite the variations, the end goal is similar and that is to extract the juice.

Understand the type of Juicer you need

Juicers vary greatly because they handle different products differently. While some handle soft fruits excellently, others can process both fruits and vegetables. This is why it is crucial to understand the type of juice you will be handling.

Consider the Clean-up

Some juicers are easy to clean than others. While dealing with fruits, the juicer will always become dirty, and thus the need to get a juicer that will be easy to clean. Breville JE200XL Compact Juice Fountain, which costs around $100, has washable parts that make it relatively easy to wash.

In contrast, VonShef 990w Professional Juicer, which costs $100 is quite hard to wash since you have to wash the intact parts using the hands. Although it has been replaced by a new model, the new model is still relatively hard to wash since its operations and construction has not changed.

One or Two Speed Juicers

Most juicers in the market have just simple on-off switches, but some are more complex. Some juicers such as VonShef 990w Professional has different modes of turning on for soft materials, such as when processing orange juices which utilize the slow speed and another provision for harder material, such as beetroots, apples, and carrots which uses higher speed. The fast speed juicers are important if you usually use it to process the soft material such as citrus fruits, but sometimes you want to process hard material including vegetables.

A design you are comfortable with

If you want to buy a juicer, there are chances that you will be using it weakly or on a daily. This means you will be spending significant time with your gadget, and thus it is important to select something with a look you like. It is also important to consider the size and shape of the juicer. You should avoid something that will give you a hard time moving it around.

Some juicers are fitted with suction cups which are more than one feet. Such appliances will be tiresome to move around. Juicers with conventional bases are easy to carry as compared to the ones with a heavy base. The problem is complicated if the juicer has a heavy base in addition to the big suction cups.

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