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Restaurant Floors Clean

Tips on Keeping Restaurant Floors Clean and Safe

A clean and safe restaurant floor is one of the things that should be maintained in the food and restaurant industry. Customers walk on the floor all the time, and this only means that floors have to be safe and clean with Vinyl floor mop at floorcleaningtools to ensure their safety and the place’s reputation.

Now, just because cleaning floors in restaurants is already a given, it does not mean that anyone can just do it in any way. There are tips and guidelines to make sure that cleaning floors is as effective as it can be. They’re as follows:

Prioritize Safety

When cleaning, the priority should be everybody’s safety. Therefore, you should not neglect to put cones that warn people who are trying to walk on the floor. There are floors that are extremely slippery, most especially when wet, and then you have some shoe soles that are not slip-resistant; that could lead to accidents when precautions are not taken.

Check the Drains

One of the most common mistakes people cleaning floors make is forgetting to check the drains before they start cleaning. It’s imperative that you remember to check if the drains in the restaurant are working properly to avoid more work. If for some reason some drains are clogged, make sure to clear and fix them first before proceeding to clean the floors.

Clean After Each Shift

Some restaurants also have the mistake of cleaning too seldom. Since cleaning floors is such a big task, many people find it more convenient to do it every week or so. This is one big mistake. Cleaning floors too seldom increases the dirt and make it harder to remove them. The ideal time of cleaning them is every after shift. The sooner you get rid of the dirt and germs, the better.

Have a Plan

Do have a plan before actually cleaning floors. Prepare the tools that you will need. Assign people to clean the floors every day at a certain time. List down the procedure. Once everyone becomes accustomed to your plan, the flow will be easier and the restaurant floors will be more well-kept.

Wear the Proper Attire

You also have to mind the proper attire when cleaning the restaurant floors. For instance, some people do not wear cleaning shoes and only wear the ones they wore outside. This defeats the purpose of cleaning. Remember that wearing proper attire such as gloves not only keeps cleaning easier but also safer.

Clean Mats and Floors with a Degreaser

Sometimes, kitchens have mats, and while these are not so challenging to dust off, the staff should be more worried about keeping it oil-free. Oil is the harder substance to remove both from mats and floors, and they can’t just be left there as oily mats and floors can bring about accidents.

To help with this problem, use a degreaser. A degreaser helps in breaking down and totally removing the oil or grease from the mats and floors of the restaurant.

Take Good Care of Mops and Buckets

Your tools such as mops and buckets have to be taken care of as well. These are your cleaning agents, and so it’s only right that they are kept germ-free and well-maintained for a more thorough and successful cleaning.


All these tips are very helpful, so make sure that your staff members, not only you, are informed and trained for this. While different people in a restaurant have different jobs, everyone and anyone should still be prepared and adept in cleaning should the situation demands it.

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