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Pests in Your Home

Effective Tips for Controlling Pests in Your Home

Pest infestation with ultrasonic pest repeller is common in both homes and commercial spaces. Besides being a nuisance, pests can severely affect human health and make them prone to critical diseases.

For this reason, it is paramount that you practice Pest Management in order to keep your house free from pests. Below are some helpful tips for controlling pests.

Identify the Pest

The first step is to identify the type of pest that you would like to control in your home. When you know what type of pest you want to eliminate, finding a suitable home remedy or a pesticide will be a breeze.

Practice Regular Cleaning Habits

Basically, pests like roaches get attracted by dirty dishes, standing water, and other untidy places. Therefore, it is vital that you practice cleaning habits like moping and vacuuming the floors regularly. Also, get rid of any standing water and ensure that there is no water logging with the drainage system.

Another good habit is to store food in sealed containers, as pests can get attracted by the smell. Storing ripe fruits in the refrigerator is one way to keep fruit flies away from your home. Last but certainly not least, empty the trash on a daily basis.

Repair Broken Windows and Doors

The other preventative measure is to inspect your doors and windows and ensure that there are no gaps where pests could enter. If there are cracks and holes, use screen meshes to cover them up.

Seal Cracks and Holes

Since cracks and holes are entry points for most pests, consider sealing them with sheet metal, copper mesh, silicone caulk or mortar. Inspect for gaps around electric wiring and other utility lines as they can provide access for pests to enter your home. It also pays to examine the seal between the dryer vent and the wall to ensure that it doesn’t let pests in.

Trim Back Plants

One way for pests like ants to access your home is through plants and trees that are located near your house. For this reason, plants and tree branches should be well-trimmed and kept at least 18 inches from the house. Ants also love to hide in firewood. Hence, you should keep stacked firewood away from your house.

Use Less Toxic Pesticides

If the above methods don’t prove effective, you can opt to use less toxic and environmentally friendly pesticides to keep pests out. While pesticides like dust boric acid are harmful to ants and cockroaches, it is safe for humans.

Alternatively, you can use the tamper-resistant bait boxes especially if you are looking for preventative measures for areas where food is stored.

Use Volatile Pesticides

These pesticides come in handy if the less toxic pesticides fail to work. However, a lot of caution is required as they can be harmful to you and the environment. Before spraying, read the label carefully and ensure that you have the right pesticide for the pest you are targeting.

Products that are labeled “Danger” are poisonous and corrosive; those that are labeled “Warning” are moderately hazardous while those that are labeled “Caution” are less hazardous to human health. Also, get rid of foods, pots, and dishes and open the windows for adequate ventilation.

Hire Professional Services

If home remedies and pesticides are not enough preventative measures, consider hiring the services of Pest Management professional.

Although hiring reliable professionals comes at a cost, you can be assured that they will execute an effective extermination strategy in a safe way. Just ensure that the company you choose is experienced and licensed as a pest extermination company.


When it’s time to take preventative measures against pests in your home, these remedies come in handy. These tips will keep pests out and help you enjoy a pest-free home. Just ensure that the conditions of your home are lean at all times in order to reduce the attraction for pests.

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