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Food with CBD Legal

Is Food with CBD Legal and Safe for Consumption?

CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is an organic component found in the hemp or marijuana plant, otherwise known as Cannabis sativa.

Unlike the other chemicals found inside the plant, CBD isn’t psychoactive – meaning it does not stimulate any effects on the mind. This is what it’s known for – providing pain relief as well as relief from other ailments without the brain-stimulating side effects like those of other medical drugs and marijuana.

It is easy to see why CBD is now considered by some as the better pharmaceutical alternative. Here’s why.

CBD Health Benefits

Anti-Psychotic Properties

Anti-Tumor Properties

Alleviates depression and Anxiety Decrease

Healthy Heart

Possible Neuroprotective Attributes

Pain Relief

Prevents Diabetes

Reduces Symptoms of Cancer

Treats Acne

Treats Drug-Abuse Effects

However, despite its peaking glory due to the many health benefits scientists claim it provides, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that CBD intake should be carefully reconsidered. Here’s why.

CBD Side Effects

Possible Liver Damage

Non-tested Cancer Cure



Weight Decrease/Increase

Appetite Decrease/Increase

Reaction to other medicines

Is It Legal or Illegal?

As governments ease on its laws and regulations of CBD, it is now readily available for public consumption, often in the form of CBD oil and the most sought after food products – such as candy and beverages. However, many are still trying to determine how this chemical has to be controlled, which leaves the consuming general public unsure and unknowing of what’s really up.

Although CBD has been generally considered legal in America, the Food and Drug Administration released an official announcement last December 2018 cautioning that goods with CBD oil in them may not claim to provide therapeutic claims unless sanctioned by the said agency for the said certain purpose.

They explained as well that due to the fact that CBD is still an active component in a medical drug approved by the FDA, it is illegal to use CBD oil to enhance food considered to be part of public trade or to sell them as nutritional enhancements.

Is it Safe for Consumption?

To the people who do opt to consume CBD-infused food, there are some reminders that should always be remembered and considered.

Because there aren’t any recommendations on the doses and because people have almost always had different bodily reactions, it is suggested that you start only with small doses — in some cases, candies — and wait at least thirty minutes to determine if you have side effects to it.

Also, you should only eat or drink CBD products that come from reliable sources and always ask queries should you have any. It is recommended to request to view analysis certifications, insurance certifications on product accountability, and examination results if any. Suppose they can’t present any of the aforementioned, it is better that you try looking for other alternatives.


Bottom-line is CBD is indeed legal and safe for consumption given the circumstances that it is done so within regulations and suggested servings and doses only. This is to ensure safety while allowing the use of such organic components for its many benefits.

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