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How to Use A Can Opener

Cinemagraphy released a new video on its YouTube channel recently. The video is in-depth guide and sparked a lot of talk on how a can opener should be used. According to Cinemagraphy, most people have been using can openers the wrong way.

The man in the video was using holding the manual can opener in a vertical position.  He then flipped the opener to assume a horizontal position as he turned the handle.  This video, which managed to get hundreds of thousand views, brings about the question, how should one use a can opener?

Here is how;

Gently open the can opener.

The opener has two arms, which one needs to open to fit the can. Hold the two arms, each arm on each hand, and slowly pull them apart. Continue pulling until they lock in place.

Put the opener in a position which its cutting edge is directly on the lid of the can you desire to open.

Remember we have opened the arms of the can openers. Now, make sure the cutting edge of the opener rests on the lid. Ensure the serrated wheel is in line with the furrow which encircles the side of the can.

The serrated wheel enables the opener to firmly holds the can lid. Once in place, position the rotating handle properly around the can. Proper positioning will make it easy to turn.

Close the arms of the opener

Now that the opener is in position press its arms to bring them together. As you do this, the can opener will push the cutting edge further into the lid. Be attentive for the hissing sound which will be heard once the cutting edge gets through the top. The hissing sound comes from the pressure coming out of the can.

Note that you may need to apply force when closing the arms. Therefore, expect to use two hands.

Twist the opener to make the cutting edge rotate around the can lid

You will twist the opener by holding its arms, and twisting the handles in a clockwise motion. As you turn, the serrated wheel will be rolling around the can’s edges, and consequently, cause the cutting edge to perforate the can. Continue twisting until the can lid slightly detaches from the can.

Depending on your preference, you can twist until the lid completely separates from the can. Remember, failure to use enough pressure as you turn and twist the handle could cause partial puncturing of the can. If this happens, disengage the can opener, re-engage and continue twisting.

Remove the lid

After successfully detaching the lid, open the handles of the can opener, and remove it from the can. If the lid was partially detached, you could use a knife, or your fingernails to pull the lid upwards.

Your can is now open, and you can pour out the can contents.


By using our step by step guide above, you will see that can openers are easy to use. However, remember to be cautious because of the sharp-edges of the can.

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