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Food Photos Instagram-Worthy

Tips to Make Food Photos Instagram-Worthy

Instagram is full of incredible photos of different subjects. Outfit of the Day(OOTD) and nature photos are some of the most popular ones. Also making it to the list of the most popular subjects is food. If you want to use Instagram for your business, you can consider buy instagram account instead of growing one.

Yes, Instagram has also become a reliable platform for foodies to share their passion to the world, and if you’re planning to do the same, here are some tips to make your food photos absolutely Instagram-worthy.

Keep The Food Your Focus and Focus

You might think that this is already given since the subject of the photo is food. However, if you browse through Instagram, you will find many blurry food photos that give food injustice. That’s why when you intend to snap a photo of your food, be sure to have steady hands and keep the focus on it.

Style The Food

Think about everything before you take a photo of the food. Frame it well, and think of gimmicks. Look at it from the perspective of a food stylist and a foodie. Experiment on a lot of things. For instance, a bit of bite on the corner might make the food look real and more appetizing, not just a fancy waxed photo.

Get A Close Up Shot

Do not underestimate the power of having a close-up shot of the food. There’s magic in this kind of filled frame. Show the juice that comes out of that fried chicken, or focus on the bits of chocolate on that cake.

Use Natural Light

Make use of natural light. A fancy table setting may look impersonal, but a fancy table setting with food and some rays of sunshine from the window will look extremely inviting.

Use Other’s Phones

In cases wherein natural light is impossible to get, do not be shy to ask for help. Borrow a friend’s phone and use its light to achieve the brightness you want for your food photo.

Shoot From Different Angles

Do experiment with angles. Shooting from different vantage points may get you that perfect shot you’re looking for. Do some shots from the top, side, and bottom. Edge a little here and there; do not underestimate the difference an inch can make.

Move The Plate Around

While you’re moving, consider moving the plate as well. Do remember that it doesn’t always have to be at the center of the table. Some incredible food photos have the plate on the side or the edge.

Use Camera

While an array of smartphones with high-quality cameras are now available in the market, there’s is still something about traditional cameras that cannot be leveled with. So if you do have a camera, opt to use that instead.

Take Advantage of Postproduction App

Using the postproduction app does not take away your talent in photography. Even the best photographers in the world edit their work. So if you feel like your shot needs some touches, make use of that postproduction app available on your phone.

Have Your Signature Style

Do have your own signature. This is not something that you can know immediately. It may take some days and a thousand shots before you realize what your signature is, and when you do realize what it is, hone it.


Play with your camera, smartphone camera or not. Keep taking photos. At first, you might get overwhelmed and even a bit discouraged, but you’ll find that as you keep taking photos, you get more comfortable with it, and the results also get better and better.

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