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Nightclub or Restaurant

All You Need to Know About Renovating Your Bar, Nightclub or Restaurant

Do you have an open bar, restaurant, or nightclub? Are you looking for new ideas and concepts for bathroom renovation to increase your revenue?

Well, you have come to the right place!

The Van Rooy couple share invaluable advice on all you need to know for your house renovation. They are the design and managing directors of Vanrooy design, a company that specializes in the design of bars and nightclubs in the South of California. They have had over 25 years of experience and are specialized in the design of the interior of industrial and architectural buildings. Their work has spread far and wide. They have become popular in upcoming brands by designing the industrial and architectural interiors of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Whether you’re thinking of renovating, transforming, or updating your nightclub and bar, the objectives created by the Vanrooy company will help you out. You must begin your project with specific goals.

Plan Your Objectives

The four objectives to take note of are:

·         Aim for a 20% increase in your revenue

·         Aim to increase efficiency and service

·         Aim to attract more guests

·         Aim to top the competition

Now that you have made a list of objectives, brainstorm on ideas that you can use to implement to achieve your goals.

Ask yourself the following questions: Does your idea stand out from the rest? What are you referring to your clientele? Who is your target? What is your budget for the project? Is your budget realistic? What is your deadline?

Make sure that your budget is defined, with a specific timeframe. Research in your local requirements and terms for renovation.

Create a Team

Renovations involve a group of people working harmoniously. You must have architects, interior designers, engineers, graphic designers, audiovisual, and acoustic specialists.

It is better to lay out a design plan. It will help you keep your ideas organized so no detail is left out, and it will enable easier communication between you and your designers:

·         Create a board of inspirations for your expectations, including aesthetic details

·         Outline your choice of equipment and furniture in detail

·         Make a detailed layout and floorplan

Create an Experience

You must know the specific atmosphere you want to create for the guests that visit your establishment. To set the atmosphere accurately, note:

Immerse The Senses –

 Include details that involve all the five senses. It will completely immerse your guests into the experience.

Create Pleasant Surprises –

Make sure you add a touch of mystery. Do not make everything easily visible from the entrance. Surprise your guests.

Be Unique –

Make your place stand out. Be certain to add designs that promote positive, soothing vibes, because it will affect the psychology of guests positively.

Backdrop –

Add an attractive backdrop where guests can take Instagram-worthy shots. It is publicity that will cost you almost nothing.

Continuity –

Your design must be continuous, including the names of the drinks, the menus, uniforms, and social media outlets. Continuity adds a professional touch to your establishment. Do not mix designs, as this will also cause confusion for your guests. Always request the opinion of your interior and graphic designers.

Comfortable and Attractive Restrooms –

Your restroom is also as important as the bar. It will be a pleasant surprise for your guests, and they will definitely remember it positively if it’s comfortable and artistic.

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