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Best Event Organizer

Tips on Finding the Best Event Organizer

Planning for a successful social occasion like a corporate event or wedding can be a daunting task for the host. It does not only require time and resources but also expertise in various fields such as health and fitness, communication, management, marketing, and even crisis management. For this scenario, it is recommended to hire an event organizer to see through all the processes from planning, to organizing, and executing a smooth and successful event. Here are some tips in finding experts and hiring an event organizer:

Establishing your Objective

Before looking for an event organizer, you must determine the objective of your event, the allotted budget for the said occasion, and the basis for hiring an event organizer. Once you have you set your objective, you can prepare a fresh perspective and ideas on the theme and the message you want to relay on your event. Accounting on the budget for the event organizer can help in allocating what the event organizer is expected to do.

Searching for an Event Planner

Basically, this is finding an expert who absolutely specializes in designing your type of event. One way to find an event planner is through word-of-mouth from friends or family. While this method gives an opportunity for effortless sales for a planner, this is, however, not always the best approach. Rather, look for a company that has experience and a secure reputation amongst the circle of event planners. Apparently, a reputation among peers is a strong indicator. Another tip when looking for an event planner is to search the local market. Visit on your local convention, visitor bureau, hotel chains, or government organization. They can help you get in touch with some of the best event organizers in the area.

Interviewing Applicants

Fundamentally, as a host, you need to interview interested applicants for an initial round of consultations. Provide these applicants with short details, at first, of your event. On this round, the center of attention must be on their expertise in the field. Later, minimize the list of the aspirants to the three strongest contenders.

On the final round, ask your applicants more questions. Ask them about their company and what type of events they usually work on and services that the event planner can offer. Make certain that the prospect event planner can accommodate your requests or requirements well like preparing venues, organizing catering services, delegating staff tasks, etc. Inquire them about their contingency plan in case something unexpected might happen before and on the day of the event. It is important to set up your event planner’s fees on the table so that there would be no surprising and miscellaneous charges that may come up before, on, and after the event. Ask for the person who will be your day-to-day contact and the number of staff on the day of the event. It is recommended to find out what tools the prospect organizer might want to employ. Inquire about the prospective applicant’s health and safety plan for the event. Finally, you must ask about their policy on cancellation and refund and if they will get an event cancellation insurance for you.

Hiring an Event Organizer

Once an event organizer has been selected (and hired), a detailed plan must be shared between the two of you. Both of you can exchange creative ideas and cross out ideas that don’t work. Both of you must also need to come up with a realistic budget. Aside from the budget, you might be asked by the event planner as well as the event venue to provide deposits, paper works, and contracts. Prior to signing a contract, you must have an attorney review.

Following up

Stay in control of the project and be aware of changes. However, don’t coerce your event planner into making a major decision without your input. Be prepared; if it fails, fire the event planner and go to your plan B when needed.

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