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Money-Saving Tips

Money-Saving Tips to Maximise Your Event Venue Budget

Planning for an event with a tight budget can be difficult for most entrepreneurs and businesses. Some events have a bigger budget compared to others. However, a bit of crucial financial advice from is important to save money and obtain a desirable venue that will motivate people to attend the event. Here are ways to maximise on your event venue budget.

Find a Suitable Venue

Finding a suitable venue early enough is imperative. The choice and location of the venue are critical since it can either motivate or discourage people from attending your event. Once you have a budget, it is wise to look at different venues and make your decision based on the location, dates, and type of event.

Also, consider getting proposals from different venues so as to determine which one suits your budget.

Be Reasonable with the Number of Attendees

Usually, the number of attendees is the most crucial goal for any event. When planning for your event venue, it is important to understand your attendee goal and come up with a reasonable number of people who will be attending. You do not want to book the venue for a lot of people only to end up with few attendees on that day.

Nonetheless, you still need to plan with the venue in case more people turn up for the event than expected. While some venues charge an extra cost for additional people, others may pay dividends. Thus, you need to find out how the venues on your list will accommodate the extra attendance and whether you will be required to pay for them.

Carefully Choose the Days

When it comes to choosing venues, it is recommendable to inquire about their availability on different days of the week. Typically, most venues hold events on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this could mean higher booking costs.

Find out if you can hold your event during off-season dates and days in order to get a good bargain regarding spaces and amenities. You will be making a big save by choosing less popular dates.

Choose Venue with Space-Saving Layout

Another money saving tip is to select a venue with space-saving layouts as this can save you a lot of money. While this may depend on the type of event you are holding, choosing the right room set up can have a massive impact on the availability of venues and their price. For instance, theatre style set-ups can take up less room than cabaret style set-ups and you will pay less for them.

Consider Other Things with Great Impact

When you enter into a contract with the venue, don’t just think about the discounts you will get but also consider other small things that they can offer. If you find out that they are not willing to negotiate on the price, consider their little efforts to help you meet your own goals. This may include things like providing refreshments or offering event management support. Also, if the venue you choose offers to bring in technology and equipment, you will incur fewer costs in the long run.


When planning an event, every single coin matters. However, in order to significantly save money, you need to do a lot of research, and be creative in choosing your venue and the days for the event. You can also hire an event management company to help you maximise your event venue budget for a smoother, well-organized, and much more cost-effective setup for your event.

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